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  • Sindri Swan

Presentation to high school students in the Petnica Science Center in South Eastern Europe

On the occasion of the Summer School of socio-humanistic science, organised in the research station Petnica between September 22-October 1, 2023 for high school students, Vukašin Zorić, a research assistant at the University of Belgrade (Faculty of Philosophy), gave a lecture on the topics of the CLEO project: heroisation and victimisation narrative matrices in 20th-century European nation-building and memory politics.

Fifteen high-school students and four University-level students attended the lecture and were able to add another layer to their understanding of national identity and memory.

Firstly, he introduced the students to the basic concepts of nationalism studies and the field's history. Later on, he talked about paradigmatic examples of heroisation and victimisation in European and Serbian mnemonic practices. Finally, the lecture concluded with a broad discussion with the students.

Petnica Science Center (PSC) is the biggest independent organization for extracurricular, informal science education


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